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Registered Name DOB CERF Result prcdPRA PLL ERG Glaucoma BAER Patella Joints Cardio Thyroid vWD Other
Dam: Aragon's Mistress of the Dark
Altacrest's Boss Man 09/09 N* N*
Altacrest's Precious Treasure 09/09 N* N*
Altacrest's Wayward Soul 09/09 N* N*
Dam: Altair's I Love Intrigue
Altair's Bright and Beautiful 07/06 N*
Altair's Bright Eyes (d) 07/06 7-Nov N N* N cleft palatte
Altair's Bright Future 07/06 N*
Altair's Falabella 04/07 N*
Altair's Glenbogle 04/07 11-May N N* N N
Altair's Harriet the Spy 07/06 8-Oct N N*
Altair's Highland Pony 04/07 N*
Altair's Light Bright 07/06 N* F2 neutered, pet
Altair's Shetland Pony 04/07 N*
Dam: Apache's Dame Du Soliel
Apache Roase Enchanted Willow 12/05 6-Nov N
Dam: Angelcrest Carbon Breezer
Belshaw's Vanessa 05/07 9-May N N N
Dam: Athena des portes de la Moria
Choshana du Coeur des Tén̬bres 11/07 N
Dam: Ankors Touch Of Class
Rock On Chicks Dig It 06/04 6-Nov N N
Dam: Angelcrest Pretty Special
Coplenty's Aplenty 09/05 8-Apr N N
Coplenty's Atilla 09/05 8-Apr N N
Dam: Andros Black and Tantalizing
Showdown's Night On The Town 11/99 8-Mar N N N
Dam: Angel Delite Du Domaine du Président
Barefax Born Beautiful 09/07 8-Jul N N*
Barefax Born Handsome 09/07 8-Jul N N*
Barefax Born to Be President 09/07 8-Jul N N*
Dam: Atum of Tereiroa
Koreke Rongo Mareroa Purakau 03/02 N
Koreke Tara Per Incurium 04/05 N
Dam: Altair N'Woodlyn Blue Amulet
Altair's I Love Intrigue 10/04 8-Oct N N N
Dam: Archie Unicovska Brana
Poarott Palas 06/06 N
Dam: A Little Rendezvous N'Co
Blue Danube N'Co 07/07 8-May N N*
Hear the Cheers N'Co 11/08
Make Mine a Double N'Co 03/08 N*
Night Prowler N'Co 08/03 C
One Hot Tottie N'Co 08/03 6-Mar N N
Royal Flush N'Co 02/05 7-Aug P VD-S N*
Time And Again N'Co 02/05 8-Jun N N* N
With Love from N'Co 05/04 C
Yours Truly N'Co 02/05 N*
Dam: All Decked Out N'Co
Miranda N'Co 12/06 8-Apr N N*
Dam: Absolute Lee Paradice
Diva's Ace of Spades 03/06 N IG* N N
Dam: Apollonarez Arizette
Casa del Caboom's A Princess for Me 10/04 7-Jun P KCS1 N*
Casa del Caboom's Amber 10/04 8-Jun N N*
Casa del Caboom's Aragorn 10/04 N*
Casa del Caboom's Aramis 10/04 N*
Casa del Caboom's Arielle Charmgirl 10/04 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Black Sabbath 01/06 N*
Casa Del Caboom's C-Samantha 09/07 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Candy Queen 09/07 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Challanger 09/07 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Chandra 09/07 8-Feb N N*
Casa Del Caboom's Charming Troy 09/07 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Mr Niffler 01/06 N*
Casa Del Caboom's Mr X-tra Nude 01/06 N*
Dam: Angelcrest Daddy's Girl At Hitmonchan
Hitmonchan The Snowshow 12/01 7-Jan N N N
Dam: Ah Boc Peachie Keen Of Tenshi
Tahler's Make My Day At Dasha (†) 12/02 F LL+G 3-Mar Kidney failure
Dam: Amanda Roleda
Family Song's Ula 02/05 8-Sep N N C N N N
Dam: Andros Earlylite Midnite Sun
Earlylite Kalan Tequilla Mockingbird 06/08 N*
Earlylite Kalan Tequilla Sunrise 06/08 N*
Earlylite Kid Rock 01/02 N*
Earlylite Midnight Star (d) 08/97 2-Jun F C1
Earlylite Midnite At Barefax 01/04 5-May N
Earlylite New Kid In Town 05/01 8-Sep N N N
Earlylite Stardust 12/01 5-Feb P VD1
Earlylite Sunflower 01/02 N*
Earlylite Sunglasses At Nite 01/02 N*
Earlylite Sunny Delight 01/02 6-Apr N N
Earlylite The Sundance Kid 01/02 N*
Kalan Earlylight Tequilla Rose 06/08 N*
Dam: Alberta Prima Mina Iveris
StormblĚ´stens Moveoverdarling 01/06 N
Dam: Alltot Sybelle
Alltot Gabriella at Fawncrest 09/03 6-Mar N N
Dam: Angelsun Diamond River Delvian
Crestyle Dynamo Luv For You 01/08 8-Oct P PM N IG
Dam: Angelcrest Misty Dragon
Angelcrest Miss Lacey 04/06 7-Apr N N N
Dam: Altair Fire Witch Heliomancer
Altair Thoroughly ModernMillie 04/07 N*
Altair's Little Shop of Horrors 04/07 N*
Altair's National Velvet 04/07 N*
Altair's On Golden Pond 04/07 N*
Altair's Samba Di Janeiro 06/08 N*
Altair's Strictly Ballroom 06/08 N*
Altair's Tango Argentina 06/08 N*
Altair's Thinks He Can Dance 06/08 N*
Altair's West Coast Swing 06/08 N*
Dam: Amanda Hvezda z Podmok
Alberta Prima Mina Iveris 07/03 4-Oct N N <1
Dam: Andros It's My Party
Kalan's American Idol 07/05 8-Sep P VD2 C N
Kalan's Dirty Dancing 11/00 7-Feb N N
Kalan's Life Of The Party 02/03 8-Mar P VD1 N C N
Kalan's Some Kinda Trouble 02/03 N N
Dam: A Shimmer Of Light N'Co
Shida Golddigger 12/05 8-Sep N C*
Shida Goldilocks 12/05 9-May N C*
Shida Keeper of Stolen Hearts 06/04 9-May N N* N*
Shida The Golden Light 07/01 5-Apr N N N N
Dam: Absolutely N'Co
Creekside's Chinsia 01/08 9-Aug N
Creekside's Fancipantz 11/09 N N
Dam: Amelion's Black Fairy
Willow Star's Mayflower 05/03 7-Apr N N
Dam: Absolute Jewel Of Woodcrest PP
Woodcrest Cover Me In Jewels 12/07 N IG* N*
Woodcrest Dark Addiction 12/07 N IG* N N*
Woodcrest Trinity's Sharp Dressed Man 12/07 N IG* N*
Dam: Alltot Gabriella At fawncrest
Fawncrest Have Faith In Me 04/06 N*
Fawncrest Mischivous Mary 04/06 N*
Fawncrest Myfanwy 04/06 N*
Fawncrest Ossie 04/06 N*
Fawncrest Zoey 04/06 N*
Dam: Altair's National Velvet
Altair's Live Like Horses 09/09 11-Nov N N neutered, pet
Dam: Accent U Ate The Pawsitive