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Registered Name DOB CERF Result prcdPRA PLL ERG Glaucoma BAER Patella Joints Cardio Thyroid vWD Other
Qcyk Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Qdlaty Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Qqlka Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Qu-Ya-Va's Chi-Cara Of Blos 10/05 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Chin-Chin Smoke O Bloss 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Joppe Son O Bloss 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Kaizer Of Mr-X 10/05 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Lita Fa-Viola 10/05 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Litle Thin-Thin 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Nomi To House Of Fun 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Pirat Sun Shine 10/04 N
Qu-Ya-Va's Rusty-O' Bloss-X 10/05 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Small Black Symphonia 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Tiny-Mini 10/05 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's Tozid Thouched O Smoke () 03/04 N*
Qu-Ya-Va's X-It Of Mr-X 10/05 N*
Quantora Jewels Moonlight 10/03 N
Quenellas Nu Gua 06/05 8-Mar N N
Quesara Something Special at Prajna 12/04 6-May N