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Registered Name DOB CERF Result prcdPRA PLL ERG Glaucoma BAER Patella Joints Cardio Thyroid vWD Other
Unicorn, Judy Council, United States
Bayshore Analyse That 03/05 8-Mar P VD-A N
Paradice's Original Sin 07/02 7-Jan N
Unicorn's Credo Liberty N Freedom 01/03 8-Mar N N
Unicorn's Diva at JoBar 06/02 7-Jan P VD-A N
Unicorn's Do Be Sirius 12/03 8-Mar N
Unicorn's Dust Bunny 10/02 8-Mar N C
Unicorn's Poison Ivy 10/07 C
Unicorn's Risky Business 06/04 7-Jan N N
Unicorn's Scarlet No Haira 01/00 8-Mar N N
Unicorn's Sirius Business 10/04 8-Jan N N*
Unicorn's Suki Tawdry 04/03 7-Jan N
Unicorn's Timothy 02/99 8-Jan P VD-A C
Unicorn's Tink 01/05 8-Mar N N
Unicorn's You Can't Be Sirius 10/04 8-Mar N N*
Usherwood, W, United States
Sandredino Gipzee Roselee 01/95 00/00 F PRA
Uzume'z, , Sweden
Princess Leia's New Kid In Town 07/05 7-Apr N N
Twice as Nice First Crush 12/04 7-Apr N N