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prcdPRA & PLL

These are DNA tests done via blood sample or cheek swab.

Status by Parentage: If both parents have been tested, offspring may know their status without being tested.

"By Parentage" will be noted with an Astrix * to identify that these dogs have not been directly tested. While genes will not change, and a line can breed "Clear by Default" for several generations without worry, it is strongly suggested that breeders have proof in hand of all dogs in the pedigree that make up this status, and test selectively to ensure correct results.

DNA Labs - prcdPRA
Tests for prcdPRA are performed by several different labratories around the world. OptiGen developed the test and results are considered to come from them unless otherwise stated. Results followed by IG were tested by InGen (formerly PawsitiveID), which has some contravery surrounding their practices. Results followed by LID were tested by Labikin in Europe. Some users may wish to only use dogs tested by the same method. Currently the OFA only recognizes tests performed by OptiGen.

DNA Labs - PLL
The test for Primary Lens Luxation was developed independantly by the University of Missouri and the Animal Health Trust (England). Both labratories are recognized by the OFA, so we have not identified the testing lab on our results.