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Registered Name DOB CERF Result prcdPRA PLL ERG Glaucoma BAER Patella Joints Cardio Thyroid vWD Other
Sire: Agent z Gangu Łysych
JagÌ_dka z Gangu Łysych 01/06 10-Mar N N LID* N N
Sire: Agner
Dee-Dee Liu 06/08 N N
DJAO-LI 06/08 N N
Sire: Albi Ga-he-mi
Black Betty Dandy Mate 07/05 N
Family Song's Voodoo 05/05 8-Sep N N N N N
Sire: Alines Jimni Osten
Alines Sir Smudge O' Sweetvalley(†) 06/04 7-Aug P IC
Sire: Alltot Archie
Alltot's Texan Tiger 12/98 7-May N
Sire: Alltot Prince
Shumllea Scintillation for Mispickel 07/96 00/00 F LL2
Sire: Altacrest's Jumpin Jack Flash at Olivera
Solino's Versace Blue Jeans 12/10 N
Sire: Altacrest's Naughty But Nice
Altacrest's Boss Man 09/09 N* N*
Altacrest's Precious Treasure 09/09 N* N*
Altacrest's Wayward Soul 09/09 N* N*
Lotus In It To Win It 06/11 N N*
Olivera-n-Appeloue Creme De La Creme 03/09 N*
Olivera-n-Appeloue Braveheart of Altacrest 03/09 N*
Sire: Altacrest's The Next Contender
Altacrest's Livin' the Dream 05/08 N
Altacrest's What Dreams Are Made Of (d) 05/08 C
Sire: Altair's Live Like Horses
SassyTails Forever Faithful 01/12 05/15 N n N
Sire: Altair's N'Tare
Crestyle's How To Look Good Naked 08/08 9-Apr N N*
Sire: Altair's Ntare
Altair's Bright and Beautiful 07/06 N*
Altair's Bright Eyes (d) 07/06 7-Nov N N* N cleft palatte
Altair's Bright Future 07/06 N*
Altair's Harriet the Spy 07/06 8-Oct N N*
Altair's Light Bright 07/06 N* F2 neutered, pet
Crestyle How to Look Good Naked 08/08 N
Sire: Amaretto Von Shinbashi
Rus Crimson Empaer Dolce Vita 01/05 7-Jun N
Sire: Amarylis Brzdac
Fraszka z Gangu Lysych 01/05 9-Nov N N* N
Sire: American Icon N'Co
An Evening With Icon N'Co 10/06 8-Aug N N
Face It I Am That Good N'Co 09/08 N N
Slightly Over Dressed N'Co 09/08 N* N
Sire: Amicelli von Shinbashi
Teacity Pure Von Shinbashi 08/05 8-Apr F RD1 N
Sire: Ange Gardien Du Domaine Du Président
Nauset Chantilly 07/06 9-Sep N N* N
Nauset Living in the Past 08/07 8-Sep N N*
Nauset Reville 07/06 N*
Softail Angel Feather 07/07 N*
Sire: Angelcrest Arcticfox
Oriental Jokes U.S. Marshal 06/03 N
Sire: Angelcrest Articfox
Oriental Jokes Unbridled Passion 10/03 N N
Sire: Angelcrest Carbon Streaker At Liddyleaze
Liddyleaze Ray Of Light 02/03 N
Sire: Angelcrest Foxy Legend at Mixkynz
Mixkynz Chyna Fox 06/04 N
Sire: Annamac Dearest Barry
Hitmonchan Chasin Rainbows for Fawncrest 02/05 7-May N N N
Sire: Annamac Lord Anton
Annamac Syd (d) 12/01 00/00 F LL2 LCP 1
Sire: Annamac Star Shine Over Liddyleaze
Oriental Jokes Alanis 09/05 8-Apr N N N
Oriental Jokes Aziza 09/05 N
Sire: Annamac Time For Tazz
Kelembre Divinely Decadent For Kojiki 10/07 10-Feb N C
Sire: Apache's Silence The Crowd
Apache Roase Enchanted Willow 12/05 6-Nov N
Sire: Appleou Caleb
Applelou Rosanna Rosanna Hannah 02/05 6-Apr N N
Sire: Appraxin Acapulco
Xpozures La Pelona Dancer 09/06 N IG N N N N
Sire: Apriori Vip Mustang Runing To Win
Apriori Vip Sorrento 04/09 10-Mar N N N N
Sire: Arden Solutre Pazzda
Goya Cin-Cin Pet 09/02 2-Aug N N
Sire: Are-Jay Zaleek's Lennybrisco
EverCrest's The Full Monty 02/03 8-Mar N N IG N N
Sire: Ars'Adept Hercog Pri
Secret Line's Private Dancer 01/01 N
Sire: Ars'Adept Hergoc Pri
Secret Line's Viva La Vita 04/01 9-Nov P VD N N* 1/0 Murmur
Sire: Aslan of Masquerade
Masquerade Stairway T Heaven At Franzell 11/06 N IG
Sire: Aston Martin Gattaca
Paw-a-dee Jail-O 01/09 10-Feb N N* under shot
Paw-a-dee Jailbird Blues 01/09 N* C*
Paw-a-dee Jailer Jane 01/09 N* C
Paw-a-dee Jailguard Luv 01/09 N* C
Paw-a-dee Jailing Suzy 01/09 N* A
Sire: Aztecs Hot Little Pepper-Lesmars
Lesmars Midnight Ryder 01/07 N N
Sire: Aztlon Bare Essentials
Atum of Tereiroa (†) 07/98 N
Nun Of Tereiroa 07/98 N