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Registered Name DOB CERF Result prcdPRA PLL ERG Glaucoma BAER Patella Joints Cardio Thyroid vWD Other
Sire: Earlylite New Kid In Town
Xandali Pink Champagne (d) 05/02 5-Sep N
Xandali Revelation Gala 10/02 N*
Sire: Ed Edd N Eddy
Gypsy's Dancin' Music 05/06 7-May N
Sire: Edelweiss 2 Much Skinforemation Elitechi
Edelweiss Friends In Low Places 08/06 N
Sire: EdgeofPowderme truly
Splfyr Puff o Smoke 11/07 N*
Splfyr Wisp O Smoke 11/07 N*
Sire: Edgewood's Shadow Dancer
Diva's Aria 01/04 10-Apr N N IG*
Diva's Magic Man 11/06 10-Feb P VD2 N* N N
Diva's Midnight Serenade 02/05 10-Aug N
Diva's Only By Grace 07/06 10-Feb N N*
Diva's Sonata 03/06 10-Feb N C N N
Diva's Tiny Outlaw 11/06 10-Aug P dystrophy ES(1) N IG* N N
Sire: Efendi Pastoral
I'm So Pretty Pastoral 04/06 8-May N N
Sire: El Nero De Gabritho
Lavazza Super Ciapki 02/06 9-Dec N N N
Sire: Elan That Old Black Magic
Jewels Run Lola Run 02/04 9-Feb P VD-S N N
Jewels Take It On The Run 02/04 7-Feb N C
Rompford Lady Azzana 08/04 C N N
Sire: Eldonet's Alex
Alexandra 10/08 N
Sire: Eltarin Chinatown
Xioma Opium 11/94 1-Dec N
Sire: Eltarin Klassic Edition
Eltarin China Rose () 01/95 5-May F C2
Eltarin Follow the Dream 08/95 1-Dec N
Sire: Eltarin Paint The Town
Eltarin Love In The Mist () 02/94 1-Nov N N
Sire: Eltarin Talk O The Town
Dosangeles Angel Baby 07/98 2-Mar N
Sire: Eltarin the Bold Bandit
Silkvale Just A Gigolo 11/96 4-Dec N N N H/E N
Sire: Elysee's SB Louis Vuitton
Daretobebares Quite Sunsational 01/07 9-Feb N N IG N N N
Silver Bluff Designer Accessories 01/06 7-Mar N
Silver Bluff Gloria Vanderbildt 12/06 8-Mar N N IG N N
Silver Bluff Jon Bon Jovi 06/09 N N
Silver Bluff Liz Clairborne 01/06 8-Feb N N IG N N
Silver Bluff Reflection Of Vuition 02/07 9-Mar N N
Silver Bluff Spotted Jett (d) 12/00 6-Jan N
Sire: Empire Park Avenue
Mythic Ice Caramel Cappucino 09/10 N IG N
Mythic Ice Caramel Cappucino 09/10 N IG N
Sire: Encore's Fidelio
Firacres Riverdance 05/04 5-Apr N N
Sire: Encores Mikado At Sanuchar
Sanuchar A Design In Mind 03/04 5-Apr N N
Sire: Encores Troubadour
Gotcha The Fat Actress 12/05 8-May N
Sire: Encores Trubadour
Encore Flight Of The Bumblebee 08/07 8-Jul N
Gotcha Can't Catch Me 12/05 8-Aug N N IG
Sire: Ermi's Place Adonis
Ermi's Place Donahue 09/00 11-Jun F N N
Sire: Ermi's Place Donahue
Curlycrest's Last Chance Before Storm 05/13 N C
Sire: Escada's Signature Warpaint
Six Gems Mr Rock Hudson 08/06 N* N*
Sire: Esquire's Bialong of Valerie
Nava's Dark Secret At Crest-Vue (d) 10/07 10-Mar N N* C
Nava's Polished Opal 10/06 N*
Nava's Simple And Sable (d) 04/07 8-Jun N N*
Nava's Special Project 10/06 N*
Sire: Eugenio's Stormy Weather
Reject's Five Star 01/07 8-Feb N N*
Sire: Eugenios Blue Suede Shoes
Eugenios Inspiration 01/00 8-Mar N N N N
Sire: Eugenios Fly Me to the Moon
K9Madness D'Jay Decibel 12/09 N*
K9Madness Dancing Dragon 12/09 N*
K9Madness Daring Dictator 12/09 N*
K9Madness Dashing DareDevil 12/09 N*
K9Madness Demanding DramaQueen 12/09 N*
K9Madness Demonic Desire 12/09 N*
K9Madness Dizzy Duracell 12/09 N*
Sire: Eugenios Illusion
Eugenios Summer Blossom 10/01 N
Sire: Eugenios Inspiration
Casa del Caboom's A Princess for Me 10/04 7-Jun P KCS1 N*
Casa del Caboom's Amber 10/04 8-Jun N N*
Casa del Caboom's Aragorn 10/04 N*
Casa del Caboom's Aramis 10/04 N*
Casa del Caboom's Arielle Charmgirl 10/04 N*
Eugenios Fly Me To The Moon 10/02 9-Feb N N* N
Eugenios Inspired by the Sun 10/02 N*
Reject's Four Seasons Autumn 08/06 N*
Reject's Four Seasons Spring 08/06 N*
Reject's Four Seasons Summer 08/06 N*
Reject's Four Seasons Winter 08/06 N*
Reject's Sixth Angel 03/07 N*
Reject's Ten AC Walker 04/08 N*
Reject's Upper Ten 04/08 N*
Tronderpia's Eager to Please 02/03 N
Tronderpia's Evening Star 02/03 N
Sire: Eugenios Stormy Weather
Reject's Nine Inch Nail 03/08 N*
Reject's Nine to Five 03/08 N*
Sire: EverCrest's The Full Monty
EverCrest-Jrf Pride & Prejudice 08/08 N IG*
EverCrest-Jrf The Dirty Doll 07/08 9-May N N IG*
JRF'S Dragon in my Wagon 07/08 N IG*
Jrf's Ollie Ollie Oxen Free 05/07 N IG*
Jrf's Ring Around The Rosie 05/07 N IG*
JRF-EverCrest's Ain't She Sweet 05/07 N IG*
Jrf-Evercrest's Gunpowder And Lace 07/08 N IG*
Sire: Evercrest's Wanna Be A Rock Tsar
JRF-Evercrest's Stop the Drama 07/03 N N
Jrf-Evercrest's Stop The Drama 07/09 N N
Sire: EverCrest-JRF Pride & Prejudice
EverCrest-JRF Bound for Glory 09/09 N N
Sire: Excuse To Love Diamond Place
Honey Sundust Diamond Place 05/10 13-Apr N N N
Sire: Experience Of Pleasure Von Shinbashi
Absolute Lee Cristall Clear 10/04 N
Sire: Expression Cruise Control
Crest-Vue's Money Talks (d) 10/02 8-Apr P PC1 N IG N
Sire: Expression-Cruise Control
Crest-Vue's Diamond Solitare (d) 10/02 8-Apr N N
Sire: Expression-Tag You're It
Sunita's Solar Flair (d) 01/04 8-Sep P VD2-AS N