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Sire: Nabab Germanika
Marcepan Germanika 01/04 N LID*
Maurycy Germanika 01/04 N LID*
Melisa Germanika 01/04 N LID*
Oriental Jokes Spice Girl 01/05 6-Jun N N
Qcyk Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Qdlaty Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Qqlka Next Germanika 11/07 N LID*
Saphir Germanika 01/05 6-Dec N N*
Sen Next Germanika 10/06 N LID*
Set Germanika 01/05 6-Jun N N LID*
Snob Next Germanika 10/06 N LID*
Sugar Germanika 01/05 6-Jun N N LID* N
Szelest Next Germanika 10/06 N LID*
Szmer Next Germanika 10/06 N LID*
Szum Next Germanika 10/06 N LID*
Sire: Nakota's Ink Spots on Kaycee
Fanta C in Fur 05/03 8-Apr N P
Fanta C in White () 05/03 8-Mar F Cataracts F2
Sire: Naughty Charley Of Gizzy's Home
Chin Leacy of Laura's Home 06/06 7-Sep N N
Sire: Naughty Shaggy of Gizzy's home
Little Bumble Bee Of Gizzy's Home 10/07 10-Apr N
Sire: Nauset Absolut
Nauset Absolutely Bewitching (d) 10/02 5-May N C
Nauset Absolutely Divine 10/02 7-Sep P RT1
Nauset Absolutely Dramatic (d) 10/02 5-Dec N C N
Nauset Absolutely Magic 10/02 3-Oct N
Nauset Absolutely Perfect 10/02 8-May N N LCP N
Nauset Screamin' Eagle 06/01 7-Sep N C N
Nauset Smoke and Mirrors (d) 03/03 C
Sire: Nauset Absolutely Dramatic
Wavecrest Hotshot Cornerpocket 01/06 9-Jun N N N N
Wavecrest Miss Maya 01/06 8-Sep N N
Wavecrest Music of the Stars 01/06 7-May N
Sire: Nauset Incognito
Kalypso Nauset Last Crusade (d) 05/05 N
Kalypso's Neverending Story 05/05 7-Aug N C N
Kalypso's Season Finale 05/05 8-Jun N N N
Nauset N'Smn Will-O-Be 07/01 C
Tuinluv's Anastasia of Nauset 06/01 C
Sire: Nauset Interlude
Earlylite Starburst 08/97 2-Jun N
Sire: Nauset Maeatro Clue Tuinluv
Crestyle's All Eyez On Me PP 01/09 9-Apr N
Sire: Nauset Maestro Clue Tuinluv
Crestyle Dynamo Luv For You 01/08 8-Oct P PM N IG
Crestyle Let's Get Piper 01/08 N IG
Sire: Nauset Maestro Who Done it
Kalypso's The Flying Dutchman 11/07 N*
Kalypso's X Marks the Spot 11/07 N*
Sire: Nauset Mosbey Ranger
Nauset Lady Sarah 01/99 3-Oct P VD2
Pahlavi Captain America 11/99 3-Aug P VS
Sire: Nauset N'Smn Will-O-Be
Ecola Will-O The Whisp 04/05 6-Aug N C N
Seemarnan Puff Hummer 10/04 C
Seemarnan Puff So-She-Is / C
Sire: Nauset Paint It Black
Earlylite Black Beauty 03/01 7-Sep N N
Earlylite Just Kidding 05/01 2-Dec P VD2/C/PRA suspicious
Earlylite Midnight Star (d) 08/97 2-Jun F C1
Earlylite Midnite At Barefax 01/04 5-May N
Earlylite No Kidding 10/02 5-Sep P VD N*
Earlylite Suncatcher 01/02 7-Sep N N*
Sire: Nauset Screamin' Eagle
Softail Eagle's Heritage 06/05 7-Sep N N N*
Softail The Eagle Has Landed 06/05 N N*
Softail Where Eagle's Soar 06/05 7-Sep P PC1 C N*
Sire: Nauset Special Effects
Happi Daze Blaze Of Glory (d) 05/01 C
Nauset Dream of Orchids 07/98 2-Mar N N
Nauset Incognito () 12/99 5-Jun N C
Nauset Interlude 12/99 7-Oct N C N
Nauset Maggie Dane 06/01 4-Aug N C
Nauset Paint It Black 07/98 6-Sep N C
Nauset Puddle Jumper 07/00 4-Feb N N*
Sire: Nauset Technical Difficulty
Vahalla's CookiesN'Creme O'Kamaji PP 06/02 00/00 F PRA
Sire: Nauset Tuinluv's Lady's Man
Nauset Ecola Perpetual Motion 02/05 6-Feb N N* N
Nauset Maestro Jazz Singer 06/05 6-Jun N N
Sire: Neikid Jevel Vizit
Strong Stael Oh Tzarling Zizi 08/05 N N
Sire: Newbourne Cashmere
Better Be True of Angel's Legacy 06/04 9-Feb N N LID
Sire: Newbourne Deep Impact
Jewels Lunar Eclipse 08/07 N* N
Sire: Newbourne Gateway to Prajna
Prajna Snow Boots 06/08 9-Nov N N N
Sire: Newbourne Go For Gold
Bionity Azalea Indica 10/09 10-Oct N N* N
Sire: Newbourne Handsome Boy
Ghostrider Diamond Forever 06/07 8-Dec N N LID N
Glossy Girl Island Shangri-La 06/07 10-Oct N N N
Sire: Newbourne Powder Girl
Sumi v.d. Loofdak 11/07 11-Jan N
Sire: Newbourne Sir Percival Luck
Flint 01/09
Sire: Nina's K Front Runner
Nina's K Salt of the Earth 04/10 12-Aug N N* N N
Sire: Northwind's Midnight Storm
Diva's Black Velvet 06/04 10-May N N IG N N N N N
Sire: Nu Poil's Twister River Lane
Nu Poil's Sweet Spice Ginger 03/07 9-Jun N N*
Nu Poil's Twister River Lane 11/04 N